In our multi-room studio, we can record from a single vocal in an intimate and cosy space to a full band live performance and even a Big Band.
We can record 64 channels with the Solid State Logic console plus the most amazing preamps in the world like the Undertone Audio, and Heritage Neve 1073 among others.
At BeatGarden you can record your big or tight drums. You can choose if you prefer to record with our vintage Yahama C3 Grand Piano, with our Upright piano Yamaha U1 with its warm felt or our Fender Rhodes and the rest of the Keyboards. We can record with any of our amazing microphones. Our Telefeunken C12, Neumann U87, Nordic Audio u47 AEA 440 Coles 4038, and AEA R88 just to name a few are always ready to capture the ideas. Everything is set up and ready to go. You come, you can start recording in seconds your idea.