• Special events

    We can host special events like showcases, live concerts for 50 special guests, and we can team our friends at Medialab to stream your event from BeatGarden to the world.

  • Live shows production and rehearsal space

    Our experience as producers and live musicians can help you prepare your tour. We can help you to bring on the stage around the world the music you have created in the studio. We can prepare your backing tracks, MIDI implementation, Ableton Live, vocal tunning live, and every technical need you might have.
    Our space can be used to rehearse your tour before going to the stage.

  • Live recording

    Thanks to our multiroom space, we can track full bands in our studio, but we can also record your live gig with our portable recording rig with 64i/o.

  • Songwriting space

    We can use our studios as the most comfortable and cozy space to create your songs. We can host songwriting sessions as if you are on your sofa but with everything ready to capture your magic idea. In a beautiful, calm, and comfortable space, it’s easy for the best ideas to come out. Our Sound, Your Home.

  • Audio editing

    With our experience and workflow, we can enhance every performance to achieve the excellence that nowadays productions require. We can help you to remove noises, tune or tighten the performance to achieve the maximum musical impact.

  • Reampling

    We love to work producing guitars, exploring sounds and going further every sound you can imagine with our amp collection with vintage and modern pieces and our amazing pedal collection with more than 100 units to explore, play and combine.
    Check our equipment list!
    We can reamp your tracks recorded comfortably at your home with our amazing amp, pedals, tape echoes and reverbs to achieve the sonic goal you are looking for.

  • Mastering

    With the increasing demand, we have added mastering to our services and thanks to our ATC SMC 110 ASL PRO speakers, our room, gear, and expertise we can provide the final touch to your music to elevate it to the highest standards. We deliver masters both for digital release and vinyl.

  • Mixing

    If you want to mix with the Solid State Logic and a great collection of outboard gear like our Bricasti M7, AKG Bx15 reverbs and others you can. We love to mix in the analogue domain using our compressors like the Tube-Tech SMC-2a, the Cartec THC, Alan Smart C2 and the Distressors etc.
    We can mix ITB with the best results thanks to our collection of plugins and our beloved ATC SMC 110 ASL PRO that gives us a crystal clear image of how our music sounds.

  • Recording

    In our multi-room studio, we can record from a single vocal in an intimate and cosy space to a full band live performance and even a Big Band.
    We can record 64 channels with the Solid State Logic console plus the most amazing preamps in the world like the Undertone Audio, and Heritage Neve 1073 among others.
    At BeatGarden you can record your big or tight drums. You can choose if you prefer to record with our vintage Yahama C3 Grand Piano, with our Upright piano Yamaha U1 with its warm felt or our Fender Rhodes and the rest of the Keyboards. We can record with any of our amazing microphones. Our Telefeunken C12, Neumann U87, Nordic Audio u47 AEA 440 Coles 4038, and AEA R88 just to name a few are always ready to capture the ideas. Everything is set up and ready to go. You come, you can start recording in seconds your idea.

  • Music production

    Every song is different, and we help the artists to achieve their vision. With hundreds of songs and albums produced in the past 20 years, at BeatGarden we are committed to serving the songs.