• Special events

    Host exclusive showcases and intimate live concerts for up to 50 special guests at BeatGarden. Collaborate with our friends at Medialab to seamlessly stream your event from BeatGarden to the world.

  • Live shows production and rehearsal space

    Benefit from our experience as producers and live performers to guarantee the success of your tour. We prepare artists to confidently perform their studio-created music worldwide, offering backing tracks, MIDI, Ableton setup, live vocal tuning, and rehearsal space for polished performances.

  • Live recording

    Our multi-room setup accommodates everyone from singer-songwriters to full big bands within the studio with our 64i/o setup. We can capture the energy of your live gig using our portable recording rig while providing the maximum instrument separation.

  • Songwriting space

    Imagine songwriting sessions as comfortable as your own sofa but with all the tools ready to capture your ideas. Experience the ease of bringing your best ideas to life in a space that feels like your own. Our Sound Your Home.

  • Audio editing

    With our expertise and efficient workflow, we enhance each performance, ensuring it meets the high standards of modern productions. From noise removal to precision vocal tuning, we’re dedicated to maximizing the musical impact of your recordings.

  • Guitar production & Reamping

    At our studio, we’re passionate about crafting guitars and exploring diverse sounds. With our extensive vintage and modern gear collection, including over 100 unique pedals, the sonic possibilities are endless. Explore our equipment list for details and take advantage of our reamping services for convenient home recording with exceptional audio quality.

  • Mastering

    Meeting rising demand, we now offer mastering services. Utilizing top-quality ATC SMC 110 ASL PRO speakers, top-noch equipment, and vast expertise, we ensure your music reaches exceptional standards. Whether digital or vinyl, trust us to deliver mastered tracks that capture sonic perfection.

  • Mixing

    With a vast collection of outboard gear, plugins, and our revered ATC SMC 110 ASL PRO speakers, we’re equipped to take your music to new heights. Elevate your record with our expert mixing services, blending state-of-the-art analog equipment with precise modern digital tools. 

  • Recording

    Step into the versatility of our multi-room studio, where we cater to a spectrum of recording experiences — from capturing the nuanced intimacy of a single vocal to the energy of a full-band live performance or the grandeur of a Big Band production.

  • Music production

    Each song is a unique journey, and at BeatGarden, we’re dedicated to helping artists bring their vision to life. With two decades of experience and a track record of producing hundreds of songs and albums, our commitment is centered around serving the essence of every song.